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New album coming along nicely

Rankin Roger and Mike Gayle in the pod

Rankin Roger and Mike Gayle in the pod

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy

In case you didn’t know, James is using words from a Birmingham poet, Darren Cannan, to record 5 songs with his band. A further 6 songs are being/have already been recorded where Brummie guests perform spoken word over ambient music (composed by James). The spoken word and music will combine to create an album which will be sold as part of a book (rather than CD) where you will be provided with a download code to access the album. Guests so far are: Ranking Roger (singer from the Beat); Mike Gayle (author); Paul Murphy (singer, songwriter, poet, educator and general intellectual genius); Catherine O’Flynn (author); Carl Chinn (author, Professor and local hero); James’ Nan (performed in return for doing some grafting in her garden)

The band recording at Highbury Studios went well, just a few issues regarding some parts but I’m sure it will be sorted. Interestingly, it’s a 100% analogue and therefore sounding very retro indeed. Also, thanks to Ranking Roger for his meticulous recording/mixing when recording his and Mike’s poetry in his amazing space-age pod.

News for 2014

James is currently working on an EP. All songs are written by Darren Cannan, a local poet who writes about historic Birmingham events, people and locations. Recording is anticipated in the Summer so watch this space……

Meanwhile, some of these songs will be performed at the forthcoming events:

27th July 2014- Kitchen Garden Cafe, 17 York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7SA
18th April 2014- Marrs Bar, Worcester, UK
17th April 2014- The Railway Inn Winchester, UK
16th April 2014- Albion Beatnik Bookstore Oxford, UKMuthers

BUY 2 BROTHERS LEAVE HOME (2013) and get another album free

James Summerfield - Two Brothers Leave Home(£8 inc. P&P)

Two Brothers Leave Home (Released 28th Jan 2013)

Winchester gig cancelled…

……due to ill health. Sorry.
However, Simon Fox will take James’ place so it’s not all bad news.

New album finally released!!!

James Summerfield- ‘2 Brothers Leave Home’ is released officially tomorrow (Monday 28th Jan 2013). You can now purchase a CD from here:

If you want to purchase downloads, the album will be available as from tomorrow at the usual places (Amazon, Play, Itunes, Spotify etc)

You can also go to the Comercially Inviable website

8/10 Americana-uk review- Two Brothers Leave Home

Summerfield reaches Waitrose quality

At some stage in our lives most of us reach a point where you stop trying so hard; when you realise that feelings don’t have to be transient and rebuilt and relearned every day. You become comfortable with your place in the world, you’ve reconciled your ledgers, and you balance. This leads to relaxation and confidence. It’s a kind of ‘accept me as I am’ attitude, for Summerfield it’s a stretching out.

His music has become what it is; no real compromises, it reveals, opens, ‘Where the Water Folds’ introduces itself slowly with acoustic guitar, hints of melody growing maturing. Steel guitar lazy as an indolent breeze, later a flute reinforces the sweet ooze of the song, vocals and backing vocals wrapping around each other; it proceeds at its own pace drawing me in and I’m more than happy to immerse myself.

If you want a few reference points ‘Ben Jones’ is Dawes like and ‘Nervous Dancer’ could be mistaken for M. Ward, and ‘People Talk’ if you squint with your ears could be mistaken for Iron & Wine. Summerfield though, is now his own man; songs like ‘Noel’s House’ show off his skills, this time with electricity, the throb of bass and drums is topped with layers of harmony vocals, the melody builds and reveals itself steadily; the texture thickens, electric guitar distorts just keeping hold of the little finger of the melody. Then there’s ‘Little Steps’ which starts with the drone of machine noise which is supplanted with electric guitar sculpting out the space for the melody adding sweetness under the bell jar of the drone. The harmony and the drone perfect counterpoints for each other, the song simmers along coming to the boil in a soup of guitars, quietly and confidently marking out its place.

With this record Summerfield has, for me, reached a new level, which he sustains throughout. Older releases like ‘Paint the Road’ were muted with a lack of self-confidence. There were bursts of inspiration, now it is sustained. He doesn’t resort to any flimsy, flashy or easy moves, this is probably how the music has always sounded in his head, only now he has the skill and belief to be able to share it.


Album Launch Shown Confirmed

To celebrate James’ new album ‘2 Brothers Leave Home’ (release date 28th Jan 2013), James will be playing the following shows along with Owen Tromans and Co-Pilgrim. Owen is launching his new E.P.
20th Feb 2013- The Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham. £5 advance or £7 on the door.
Go to http://www.worldunlimited.co.uk/
24th Feb 2013- The Railway, 3 St. Pauls Hill, Winchester, SO22 5AE
For tickets, go to The Ticket Office

See you there!

Album launch shows- Feb 2013

Recent message from Comercially Inviable- New album pre-orders

Next release on the shambolic Commercially Inviable Records is the lovely new LP from Jimmy Summers. “Two Brothers Leave Home” will be available through all good retailers on 28th Jan 2013, but you can pre-order now (and get 2 tracks) from the label Bandcamp page. All the relevant details are in this here post. If you like what you see and hear, please share around, or even place an order - Jim still owes me money from his 3rd LP x
Follow this link to order and read more

Lichfield show confirmed

Supporting Rod Picott.
Holy Cross Parish Hall, Chapel Lane, Lichfield, WS14 9DX
Set starts at 20:00
Tickets £10 from garydelderfield@googlemail.com